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Palatinate Prize for Fine Arts 2024: “Transformations”

Group exhibition of the candidates for the Palatinate Prize for Fine Arts 2024 of the Palatinate District Association

“Transformations” – this year’s Palatinate Prize sheds light on a pressing social issue.

We are all subject to a variety of changes; technological innovations and increasing environmental destruction alone will demand more flexibility and change from us. It will therefore be interesting to see how the artists implement the broad topic and which focus they choose. Positions from all areas of the visual arts will be on display. The submitted entries range from painting, sculpture and graphics to media performance art – it will be exciting to see who receives the 2024 main and young talent award.

The artists in the exhibition are

Main prize: Christine Biehler, Thomas Brenner, Gabriele Engelhardt, Anne-Louise Hoffmann, Norbert Illig/Constanze Illig, Markus Kaesler, Rainer S. Kaufmann, Fabian Knöbl, Kerstin Mörsch, Veronika Olma, Mara Pollak, Michael Rausch, Hamdy Reda, Friedhelm Rettig, Gertrud Riethmüller, Keyvan Rooshanbin, Dominik Schmitt, Claudia Schmitz, Michael Volkmer, Marcel F. Weber, Elias Wessel, André Wischnewski and Rainer Zerback

Young Talent Award: Tim Janek Abels, Danae Hoffmann, Valentina Jaffé, Oscar Lebeck, Wiebke Meischner, Lilith Nikolai, Jonas Saling, Pia Treiner and Tino Zimmermann.